Research conducted on NamibRand aims to directly benefit management of the Reserve and to contribute to the national scientific knowledge base. The Reserve has recently established the NamibRand Desert Research and Awareness Centre (NRAC). This Centre provides support and guidance for local and international researchers and assists research focusing on management issues. The Centre has established partnerships with renowned local and international research institutions and works in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, feeding back into national research. An interpretive/awareness centre is being developed as part of the NRAC.

  • Research activities on fairy circles

  • Cheetah tracking

  • NamibRand Desert Research & Awareness Centre - Toekoms

Visiting Researchers

The NamibRand Desert Research and Awareness Centre welcomes visiting students or researchers to Toekoms, a fully furnished, self-catering house that is able to accommodate up to six scientists in three rooms in rustic comfort with bathroom, kitchen, lounge and office / communication facilities. (More people can be accommodated if needed.)

Visitors staying at the NRAC have access to their chosen study sites on the NamibRand Nature Reserve for their research purposes as co-ordinated with Reserve management. NamibRand and The Gobabeb Training and Research Centre have signed a partnership agreement and researchers to NRAC benefit by this arrangement through access to this internationally renowned institution. Gobabeb hosts southern Africa's most extensive library on desert ecology.

For more information or enquiries, please contact the Environment and Research Warden by sending an email to: